December 25, 2015


It's Christmas Day. In fact, in about an hour (my time) it'll be Christmas Gone. I logged in to the My Face today to tell those people following me (ya know, real people following a wooden dummy) Merry Christmas.

Now, I don't go in for all the sentimental crap, if'n you want that, go to Hallmark or The Lifetime Channel, but I will repeat here what I said over there. Don't be a dummy and get out of the Christmas Spirit first thing in the morning. If you had a good Christmas and it made you happy, then try to stay happy on the 26th of December, too. don't let the others pull ya down. Remember, no body pulls your strings.

Now, me? Ya know, I ain't ever in a really good mood. That's my nature. That's how I was carved. And, I DO HAVE someone yanking on my strings. I can't get around it. But I'm smart enough to recognize, you can still be nice to people...even if you ain't a nice guy, in general. 

That's what the whole "Santy Clause" thing is all about. 

So anyway, If you had a Good Christmas, then I'm happy for ya. Good Job!

Let's close this damn thing with a song. It's all about being alone on Christmas. Sounds Bad, I know, but the song is good and the video is good and it's got  Peter Venkman singing in it so, there's that.

Finish Your Christmas after this, and drink the last glass of eggnog and...what the hell...


November 26, 2015


Yeah, I wouldn't feel bad about this. Look at the drumsticks on 'ole Big Bird.

So it's Thanksgiving--you must be lonely as hell on a holiday to read this stuff; or the football game is at halftime.

No matter, you're here. So to thank you for stopping by every now and then, AND...

To get the taste of roasted Carroll Spinney out of your mouth--I'm gonna leave you with one more image.

Now, she could baste my turkey any day of the week.

Have an official



November 11, 2015


I never spent one minute in the military. I'm a 4-F--I got flat feet and a hollow head. But, that don't mean I am a complete dummy. It's Veterans Day and I just wanna say "Thanks" to all those guys and girls who decided to serve in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. You guys do a job that a lot of us can't or won't do. The least I can do is say "Thanks"

Oh yeah, and here's some eye candy to help you along the way. Hubba-Hubba, 23-skidoo, and all that jazz.



September 07, 2015

Labor Day 2015


If only the chick in this picture was grilling at my house; then it would be a truly great holiday. But she was obviously before my time.

If you are working today. That's too bad, sorry.

If you ain't working today. Good On You. Way to go!

I, for one, ain't working. But then again, I rarely do.

I got a lot of "retired" friends up in Kentucky that are just sitting around today. Fellas, you did good, keep on taking it easy.  I ain't ready to join you just yet, but save a seat for me. 

Ev'rybody else, ya'll enjoy the holiday and when you get back to work tomorrow; think about this ole dummy and know I'm still not working.

Oh yeah, if you are driving over this three-day weekend, don't go and get yourself killed. I can't afford one less reader. And even if you don't read this damn blog, dying on a holiday is not an option.  Got it? Good.

Now, go have a beer. And don't labor.