July 22, 2005

Less Than Nothing

Sometimes you kick around an idea for a couple of minutes and then decide, "what the hell, nobody will care anyway. This journal is just such a case.

I have been reading this one blog called "On The Road With Dave" over the last few months, and thought, "If someone reads this drivel, then they'll certainly think I'm more clever."

There's a fellow named Dave, who I happen to work with that started his blog about his perspectives on a multi-level marketing company and stand-up comedy. But he rarely mentions me. So this is my answer to him.

Dave said that if I thought I could do better then, "have at it".

Consider this blog the "cheese" in answer to all of his "whining".

Also look for the real "scoop" from me as you wade through HIS other drivel about other areas of his so-called life, history, hobbies, and his STILL never-ceasing need for attention. Stuff like that.

So, bookmark this blog, or totally ignore it the way you do Dave's blog. Who cares really? I mean I ain't getting paid for this. It's just a chance to get out of the trunk and drink a beer and read internet porn.

There's one more lame blog on the net and it's written by me, Skyler.


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