December 15, 2005

Wasn't That A Party

Damn, I asked Dave if I could go out last night, and he said, "Sure, but don't ask me for any money." (Like he's got money to loan)

I remember going to the first club, but damned if I know what happened after that.

I remember meeting some babes, and there was talk of going to somebody's loft and drinking some wine. It all gets fuzzy from there.

But it looks like I had fun, 'cause photos don't lie.

I'm not in the picture, so maybe I was holding the camera.

But, where the hell did everybody's hair go?

I checked just for safety's sake, I still have mine.

Then I checked again, just for fun.

Odds are after Dave sees the picture, he'll not want me going out again any time soon, or he'll be begging me to take him next time.

Married guys get real needy every now and then. Of course Dave was always needy, who am I kidding, marriage had nothing to do with it.

Until next time.


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