July 07, 2009

"Nekkid" Pics Of Skyler

Ordinarily, I only send nude photos of myself over the Internet to chicks I'm trying to impressed, but this time it's different.

Last October before a gig, I had an accident and broke my leg. Dave did a quick operation with a little duct tape and the show went on. But, that was 9 months ago!!

I'm still sporting duct tape. Look at that! (I covered up some stuff that the censors insisted I should not show) He has yet to have a reputable "dummy surgeon" attend to my injury. This pisses me off. How long does he expect me to endure this? Don't I deserve decent medical care?

So Dave, this is an ultimatum--either get me fixed or I have other photos I could publish, that are far more embarrassing than this one. Are you listening?

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