June 26, 2009

Obligatory Michael Jackson Death Message

Singer, Michael Jackson is dead. He died yesterday. I'm not sentimental. I'm a ventriloquist dummy that sits on a grown man's knee. I think Michael would have liked me. In recent years, he looked a little like a ventriloquist dummy.

The only thing that has me curious is since he's dead, will he look like this in a few years?

Or, you know, he bought the Elephant's Man's bones several years ago...does that mean maybe somebody might buy his bones years from now and display him in their home; maybe dress his skeleton up is the Thriller jacket or better still, put a blanket over his skull, like he did his kids?

I'm pretty sure that in 2012, when the world is supposed to end, that the first think that happens is that Zombies will come alive and destroy us all. I think Michael Jackson will probably be leading the Zombie Army then and he'll be pissed that we all thought he molested kids and made fun of him. I could be in some real trouble when that happens.

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