May 04, 2009

On The Twitter

I haven't wrote on this damn thing since the end of 2008? Man, I have been lazy.

I could say that I have been busy, but that'd be a lie. Dave ain't using me in the act very much. He fancies himself a "stand-up" now, not a ventriloquist.

So, I decided I needed to get in a little trouble, so now I'm on that Twitter thing on the Internet. You "follow" people and read their status updates and you hope that they'll follow you back and read yours. Pretty much another way to waste time on the Internet when you're not watching naked women in videos.

If'n you want to "follow" me and you are on the Twitter thing you can see my profile @SkylerAL. The "AL" don't mean Alabama. "A" is my middle initial and "L" is for Leglantier, my last name. My full name was too long to be a Twitter ID and other shorter names were already taken.

So far, I am "following" anybody with the name "Skyler" in their ID and I have been "blocked" once. Apparently, somebody was creeped out about a dummy "following" them. Go Figure.

Hell, they're following twits that are creepier than me! Something tells me that this is a way for me too really annoy some people. I can only hope.

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