April 18, 2010

I'm No Dummy

There's a new movie/DVD out that all the ventriloquists, including Dave are going "ga-ga" over, called "I'm No Dummy". Over on Facebook, there's a fan page for the movie, and ventriloquists are uploading pictures of themselves and their sidekicks holding a copy of the DVD to promote the film.

It's a good flick and treats ventriloquists and their sidekicks with some respect. Not like a lot of film efforts that portray vents as kooks(which they are) and their "dummies" as evil. (which we can be)

So Dave decided we would join in to promote the DVD by posing for a picture holding the DVD. We drove over to this town called Fairhope with Dave's wife acting as photographer and found a great spot to make me look really good.

Get a load of Dave's acting. The sign is real and yeah, there are real gators around and about. That's why I'm on the boardwalk railing 'cause like the movie title, I'M NO DUMMY!

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