July 04, 2010

Dave Visits Skyler

Hi, This is Dave Robison.(Skyler's Ventriloquist partner) Skyler has been kind enough to grant me writing privileges on his blog to update my three fans on what's happening at my regular blog that I used to write on in a fairly consistent basis.

If you're a fan of "On The Road With Dave" then you'll remember that back in April of this year, I announced that due to a change in format that my publishing platform from Blogger had made, I would have to postpone publishing any further from my regular blog until I could migrate the entire blog to a different format.

I had to delay the migration because although my hosting company, GoDaddy, supports my new choice of WordPress to begin publishing the blog once again, it requires a NEW hosting plan, as well. I don't do change very well. So, I continue to delay the migration.

Needless to say, the change over has not started, and I'm receiving some comments back at OTRWD wondering where I've been. Rest assure, I'm still here, alive, and quietly living through status updates on Facebook.

I promise not to muck up Skyler's blog too much and will provide more updates at "Comedy This Exit" until I have "On The Road With Dave" back up and running.

Thanks Skyler...and you can have "your damn blog" back now.

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