April 01, 2015


Over on Facebook, over 20 people wished this "ole" dummy, Happy Birthday today. Just goes to show ya, people do what Facebook tells them to do. 

Can't say I blame them. Look at me! I haven't grown. I haven't aged. I'm not getting gray hairs, arthritis, or a "middle aged spread" around my belly. All in all, I'm pretty perfect. Who wouldn't want to wish me well on my birthday?

By the way, there weren't no damn baby pictures. The photo in this blog thingy is faked.  I was never that short. My legs are folded up to make me look short. I came into existence at the size I am now. But, I have to say, I looked as good then, as I do now.

I got no reflections on the past, or goals for the future--just thought I would dust off this blog thing and tell ya'll that you all are still getting older, and I still look good. "Black don't Crack"; but carved wood dough, is always ready to go!


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